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Jun 30, 2020

What is InShot Pro?

Inshot Pro has a paid subscription to the Inshot app. Some functions, filters, and frames are prohibited. You can only unlock them if you are using the Inshot Pro version.

If you use the free version, many ads will appear in the app. At the same time, a water watermark will appear in the corner of your output video screen.

To have a Pro package, you have to pay a monthly fee for the inconvenient price. So I recommend that you use our Inshot Pro APK to get the most complete and comprehensive experience with this app. This is a MOD version that we've updated and removed all restrictions.

InShot PRO – The best video editing app

In the growing age of social networks like Facebook, Instagram, we always want to publish impressive videos on our personal pages. A powerful camera and software for editing your videos is available to professional editors. With smartphones and just a few apps, I can create impressive videos that are not secondary to professional editors.


Inshot is a video editing application published by Inshot Company. It specializes in the development of video editing software, software, and applications, video downloader applications for video devices and tablets. The app is completely free and provides powerful tools and filters for creating, editing, and customizing videos on your phone. Turn your everyday simple videos into artistic videos that have interesting content and can easily captivate viewers.

Inshot has millions of users worldwide since its inception and has become one of the most popular video editing apps on Google Play. Easy to use for everyone, even if you don't have much experience in video editing and knowledge of colors and effects. Just download the app and with some basic steps, you can share an impressive video with friends and family.

The interface is easy to use

It's really easy to use. After opening the app, select My Video from the Home screen so the app can access your videos in the gallery. You can also record a new video to start editing. Inshot it offers highly impressive filters for you to choose from Snow, Night, Cinema, Movie, Comic, etc ... You can also insert text into a video and create a video with subtitles below.

Powerful video editing functions

With the help of the app, you can easily cut and adjust the video speed. This feature lets you cook instruction videos and pet videos. You can also use the app to split large videos into many smaller videos. Cut, add, and export videos in full HD resolution.

Mix music into your video

With Inshot, your videos are more vivid and creative. After selecting colors and effects, you can use the app to add your favorite music to videos from your phone. You can then adjust the speed and volume of the song and the audio of the original video.

Export and share high-quality videos

If you frequently use social networks like Facebook, Instagram, you can watch many videos of famous people with Inshot.

With this app, you can export high-quality videos and support the possibility of sharing them in many different popular social networks.

Some outstanding features

  • Create videos with photos and music.
  • Easily cut, split, compress and convert videos.
  • Divide the video into several parts.
  • Video output resolution (including Full HD and 4K)
  • Rotate the video 90 degrees.
  • Many unique filters.
  • Add text, animations, and memes to the video.
  • Increase or slow down video speed.
  • Add effects and colors.
  • Set the light up and down.
  • Compress the video, make it smaller, but the quality is not low.


Inshot Pro is a complete application that lets you create high-quality beautiful videos. With many advanced functions and easy operation, it satisfies millions of users around the world. InShot will continue to evolve to get better versions and bring a larger number of users to market. Please download the game now and enjoy it! Don't forget to send us your review of the app! Thanks, and enjoy it!

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