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Productivity is one of the aspects improved in Android 7 Nougat, the seventh stable version of the most popular mobile operating system in the world

Android version 7.0

Nougat introduces key features and new features

It collects and updates the best features of earlier versions of the operating system and came to purpose, but new functions include increasing user productivity. So, Android 7 Nougat has the following schedule:

  • Win compilation (only comes with the very fast process of installing and updating new ART applications).
  • Apps running in the background of the project RAM usage optimistic, poor function The storage limitations of this call is to improve performance.
  • Usage work tools work with movement to save more battery power. Sleep mode, system calls, GPS and Wi-Fi network and synchronization, but important information affects.
  • For longer, thanks to games and other applications that use it to run the flow and a lot of good, the Volcano API graphical performance.
  • Short-key applications can be activated by quickly tapping twice in-between applications. Switch system open between open applications on the Windows Alt + Tab command.
  • Much emphasis is placed on the optimization of the operating system, the main features of Android. For example, the user can quickly change the settings according to their preferences.
  • Large Android 6 Marshmallow interface without modification. Although the notification bar settings and recent application view have changed slightly this thing, Lollipop is used for a 5.0 wide range.
  • Some aspects about productivity have forced applications to this process because we have been improving, without recourse to various manufacturers Samsung, Apple or Microsoft saw how the original split-screen mode is included. This feature allows us to use two applications at the same time, we can consider that true multitasking.
  • Although they can alert these types of system updating systems (they can be removed separately and view more) and are responding directly to us (for example, Facebook Messenger or Hangout app messages such as WhatsApp).
  • Increase or adjust the view The new settings decrease for people with different items size screen on the screen.
  • Configuration Tips System management system can perform inexperienced users and most phone functions.
  • Save as much work as possible reduces data consumption because of network information.
  • Multi-base or our first choice application provides a second choice language in case of non-availability.
  • File Explorer that grows to make it faster and more functional.

Restart the app seamless system update by reducing the update when waiting times that can be used more quickly. In addition, this software update can be done in the background.

Which Android devices will be updated to version 7?

  • Nougat is not able to download all smartphones and tablets and update the firmware. At the moment there are only Android devices that some manufacturers provide:
  • Pixels and Nexus: Of course you'll get updates from all Google phones. Pixels and Pixel-XL native and Android 7.1, while all other Nexus 4 left updates automatically. We talk about the Nexus 6P, 5x, 6, 9, 9G Pixels C and Nexus Player.
  • HTC: Although the people behind the pixels also expect your Milan HTC 10, Android version 7 will be available on other phones like A9 and an updated M9.
  • Sony Model Xperia Z3 + Z4 Xperia Tablet Xperia Z5, Z5 Xperia Slim, Xperia Z5 Premium Xperia X, X Xperia Slim, Xperia XA, XA Xperia Ultra Xperia X Updates and Performance Xperia xz.
  • LG: The Android version of the Tech Korean company contains some of the newer tools. There are two mobile phones lower than the lower confirmation: LG G5 and LG V20.
  • Lenovo says the former Motorola phone has been exploited by a Chinese brand to a great extent. Moto Z, Z Moto Army Play Moto Z, Moto G4, G4 Moto Moto Plus G4 Play, Moto X Style, Moto X Play, Moto X Force and Moto G3 Generation: The following phones are expected to receive updates.
  • OnePlus: It looks like OnePlus 3 will run on Nougat. Another receiver was supported.

If its call is on the list, then sooner or later you have not found the Samsung or Huawei, waiting for you to download the updates ... If it will be able to BQ you there, there are some times there is no magic wand, you ask Download and install it on your phone (though as always, the Nougat support may contain that emulator runs on Windows).

Like, install Nougat?

It is a process, factory image, required for flashing your device via Android SDK. But, because you figure in the past what their devices are, read a few lines on the add-on, you can go this version is not running.

IOS 10 or Android Nougat: Which is Better for Everyone?

Therefore, the typical questions we have to answer are a few lines of position. Because the two of us talking about completely opposite software philosophy is a personal choice and experience.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and we must not forget, they are the highlights of this disconnect: Apple's open system, such as Apple, and the fact of adopting just a few devices before hundreds of closed systems, while others compulsorily available dozens of models. Do not have to follow the same rules.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Drop analog download link images for the Nexus device. 

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