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The ninth version of Android
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Feb 21, 2019
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Android 9 P is version 9.0 of the operating system that comes along with an improved notifications management and indoor positioning amongst others

The ninth version of Android

What are the main features of Android drink?

Android 8.0, the operating system must be installed manually as one of the fundamental aspects, such as management information is the fact that the processes identified especially in accordance with Google's own words, lock replacement to improve our device files or autocomplete function used to access the system encoding and objective methods to replace the battery. Finally, the operating system is useful and easily, and adapt to a smartphone for the future. 

Beverage Android Version 9, you get closer and closer to Android. 

This is because we are the main new features in Android page: 

  • It provides support for the original route is more present than on Android phones. 
  • RTT service enables us to more accurately and at home through a particular location. With this function, we can use voice control for indoor navigation and tapping our home. 
  • Information system improvements in both visual and functional level. In the notification bar that allows you to share the news directly from us, and a preview of multimedia content. 
  • Beat on apps such as Gmail. 
  • With a graphical shape of a round bar total redesign. 
  • Microphones are prohibited on the run by the background applications to access cameras and sensors. 
  • Video and image codecs such heif and HDR VP9 Profile 2nd for local support 
  • Third-party applications can use the information in the case of a double-sensor camera API. 
  • Text autocorrect within the overall application. 
  • General performance improvements. 
  • Change the doze power control correction system. 
  • No new API for mobile payments. 
  • For some time, Google for developer preview available pixels on other devices, so we have to be patient before arrival. 

Android 9.0 Finally, we try to discuss the official name of the secret drink of the funniest elements for all media: Petit Four, Poundcake, incense sticks, pancakes, profiterole ... What is your guess?

Requirements and additional information: 

  • The installation must be done manually. 
  • Only Google Pixel devices.

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