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Distribution based on Debian that's ready for any task
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GNOME 3.5 for Linux
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Aug 27, 2010
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Distribution based on Debian that's ready for any task
Links are a platform that many developers have, depending on the needs of each user, that their own Dreamlinux enables. The reasons for this lie between different distributions.
Dreamline is a very light Dreamlinux, very easy to use and after the system is installed, Sax Epilation is available. In these tools, Windows Manager such as Xifce 4.4.2 or Quiz Mpiz-Fusion, luncher such as Engaged or Avant Window Navigator, epilation for graphics creation (Inkscape 0.46, Gimp 2.6, Gumball, Exxon, ...), this Fis fits (Puns, puns, fonts). AV Sun, Softmaker Office, ...) and Internet utilities such as Pidgin Thrall Messenger, Gftp, Thunderbird Mail Client and Firefox.
One of the fun things about this Dreamlinux, in addition to the similarities to OS X, is the great collection of tools that contain multimedia content built into Dreamline, such as the Rhythmbox XBMC Briere.
If you still don't have the capabilities of Linux today and need a distribution, but the use of electricity is very experienced with it and it is time-consuming to consider one of the options.

Are you not sufficiently entertained and amused by Dreamlinux? Then maybe the time has come to try following other Software on the web who specialize in creating content which is a bit monotonous but capable of getting looks from all and Diverse. We're talking about an Program like Synaptic, LinEx, CentOS, Lin-X, OpenElec, .

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