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Game Hollywood Hong Kong Limited
v117 for Android
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Jul 18, 2019
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Robot Tactics Real-Time Robots War MOD Apk

It was featured on Google Play on an ongoing and SRPG, robots strategy, worldwide! This strategy of war represents just one month after the official launch of MMOG

One hundred years ago, at sunset the country cosmic mechanics wars reached high-tech countries between the United States and Honir Old School magic land Paz King Union. Also, today and tomorrow robotic war rages, countless thefts and destroys the lives of AllStar World Mystic destroyers, angels and Mechwarrior that we know of.

A group AllStar terrorists decided to make a hard-fought battle with the Iron Force robots and ended the miracle "Robin Mercenary" and ended up becoming famous after winning the competition tomorrow. In this game, most of them will join the integral mercenary of this integral gubdam elite mercenary to get in the way of the Zoid of Peace, more than just show up the Mystic AllStar robot war, including Iron Force, Raijin, Sprains, Hawken, as part of the good people working. The struggles of Dawnsteel, wildness, St. Seiya and robots.


1. Or your personal warfare modernization robot

Made of robots or countless Super Mechs are upgraded using individual components when creating your mechanical robots.

2. Combining Strategy MMO / Strategy and RPG Basics

RPG History Strategy / Tactics Special blended with gameplay for robot war game experience.

3. Real-time multiplayer National War

Connect gaming competition with players all over the world and PVP in GVG mode.

4. The mechanics in with the magic and the incredible world

Terrorists bring the universe, and the combination war robots lead a team of real steel magic peace.

5. The incredible skill animation

First-class skills enjoy the animation time of the beginning of the game.

6. Turn work into success

Full-scale military campaigns and exciting content tasks and Gacha can earn bonuses.

7. Amazing character design

Ready to fight with lots of anime characters.

Robots strategy is a strategic and real-time SRPG mechanic game. At the same time some of those factors are RPG history, robot wars, map collection, war games monitors, alien shooter unique turn-based strategy games and social relationships with Super Mechs. Players feel this mechanical game with many integral positions immersed in its wonderful Old School Robot War Strategy and Robot War Strategy. The open warfare robotic system is one of many unique features designed for combat board game mechanics. In addition to the fascinating main plots and various subplots, all players in the World Universe PvP robot fighting or mechanical combat cooperation activities battle over and beyond the server capable of other players. Players will also find wonderful anime characters in the game. And CV (Roll Voice) has just been added to the game to make Cytus Gaming an exciting way!

Features of Robot Tactics Real-Time Robots War MOD Apk:

* Refresh or your personal battle robots

* Strategy MMO / Strategy and RPG original mix

* National War real-time multiplayer mode

* With the mechanics of magic and the incredible world

* Incredible skill animations

* Complete tasks to unlock

* Awesome character design

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