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9.90.0 for Android
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Jun 24, 2020

WhatsApp Plus APK offers you some new highlights. When you introduce this app, you will find great highlights and you will see these highlights.

This new update is currently a favorite video call that was last seen hiding, hiding the blue/gray ticks, clearly typing and recording status on tour highlights, and more.

An earlier version of this application is now locked, but this application is currently confirming the ban. The app is accessible to all existing mobile phone companies, for example, Samsung. Among the most well-known uses of this type.

We have to call WhatsApp Plus a mod, with which we can't download anything that can turn an app into an app that runs the same way as WhatsApp locally.

WhatsApp Plus for Android

The latest version is now available in the market and it is available for all phones. It has new advanced functions. If you install or update this version, you will get excellent features and you will fall in love with them. This new update now features video calling gender options, the latest highs, blue/gray ticks, increased typing and recording status in group chats, and much more. An earlier version of this application was banned by the authorities, but it is an anti-ban version. The app works on the following smartphones: Samsung, Nokia, Moto, Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi, Sony, etc. Now let us know in detail about this application.

WhatsApp Blue

It is the most popular medium of WhatsApp application. It has various customization functions. The app, also known as WhatsApp + Blue, was first released in 2012 and was developed by Spanish developer Rafale. Whatsapp Plus is one of the most stable versions of WhatsApp that has been developed very carefully. This application is based on the original WhatsApp application, the package name of this application is also the same as the original. In Blue Plus, you can hide the final view and change the original font, and also change the color of the application's interface as users see fit.

How to Install and Update Whatsapp Plus?

If you are installing the latest version of Plus, you will need to follow these steps. And if you just want to update the old version, you have downloaded the latest APK filled with the link downloaded above, and the old version will be updated automatically. This app is very easy to install and you need to remove the original WhatsApp Messenger.

1. Back up WhatsApp data so you can easily restore this data in the future.

An Internet connection and the phone battery level should be more than 30%.

Download the WhatsApp Plus APK file using the download link above.

2. Click Settings, tap Chat, and then tap Save. Your backup process will be completed in a few minutes.

3. Uninstall the official version of the app.

4. Now open the downloaded apk file whatsappplus.apk. Open this application after installation.

5. Now you have to check your cell phone. And its own existing number no.

 Now restore your data restore and enter the name and select your profile picture.

Why WhatsApp Plus is different from WhatsApp?

1. Visual Themes - The application provides a variety of visual themes (interfaces) with this interface, with which you can completely change the look of your WhatsApp. All topics can be downloaded for free. If you have the latest version installed, you will have access to more than 750 topics.

2. Different Emojis - The original version has very few emojis and the chat is boring, but the app with WhatsApp TSP Plus offers more than 1000 new emojis, including Google Hangouts Smilies. However, one disadvantage is that when you send these emojis to a normal WhatsApp user, a question mark appears.

3. Hide your last seen - This is the best feature of this app. You hide your opinions in the original WhatsApp, but can't see anyone for the last time. But your last scene in this app will be the one you want to show people. While online, you can show your old last scene and show the last one to others.

4. Automatic reply - You can reply automatically when you are busy.

5. Edit File Sharing Options - These functions allow you to manually set the quality and size range of files sent between 2 and 100 MB.

It supports HD video call option.

6. Anti-Ben - It has a ban proof mode so that the authorities will not prevent your account from using + application.

7. After reading the text message - hide the blue checkmark.

8. More than 100 beautiful themes and servers.

9. Users can hide the status of text shown in gray and blue checkmarks.

10. Users can easily send large videos up to 30MB.

11. Can forward document files up to 100 MB

12. It can form a group of 256 members.

13. Users can send more than 10 high-resolution photos.

Is Whatsapp Plus Legal?

It is not legal to use the mode. So this mode is not legal either, but it works very simply because it was developed from the original application. It is 100% safe and secure. In general, mods are not legal because they use private servers to store your personal information. They are not attached to the original application. Overall, we can say that it is unique.


  • It has some privacy features.
  • Underpin video call option.
  • Hostility towards hostage proof - WhatsApp will no longer be able to stop you from using the + app.
  • Customers can finally hide the selection and put a blue checkmark in front of the misleading text messages.
  • You can respond to different customers while you are in possession.
  • Excellent themes and subject servers.
  • Customers can hide the status of visible content by dimming the dark and blue checkmark.
  • Sends huge shots up to 30MB without stretching.
  • Initial reporting documents up to 100 MB.
  • The meeting can have up to 256 people.
  • Send more than ten pictures of high targets

Last word

The WhatsApp Plus APK comes with a modified version of WhatsApp WhatsApp that offers a higher level of performance. All these features make this app so interesting for the users that once they use it, you can really see how beautiful it really is! Leave us a comment about your experience! Great day

If you've used the advanced features of the Plus Plus App APK, you're sure to enjoy it and you will definitely not like the older version. Am i right Yes, I knew it should be free for people who don't want to enjoy the best features of the app. If you also want to keep your family members and friends, enjoy WhatsApp Plus, learn how to get it, and get started! Share it more so everyone has the opportunity or scope to use this outstanding user interface.

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