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Comprehensive cleaner for Android devices
14.2 MB
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Fancy Mobile Apps
5.1.5 Android 용
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3 26, 2021
다운로드 (14.2 MB)
Comprehensive cleaner for Android devices

Viruses can be removed, phone memory can be increased and storage space can be cleared at the touch of a finger.

How to easily clear storage on Android

Fancy Cleaner is the perfect cleaning app for Android devices. The device has a minimal and intuitive user interface with minimal functionality. The following are the main points:

  • Junk file cleaner.
  • Virus detection and removal.
  • Automatic waste collection.
  • RAM memory-booster.
  • B saves battery.
  • Cleaning and classification of instructions.
  • Lock password for applications.
  • Network analysis.
  • Automatic detection and removal of identical or duplicate photos.
  • CPU cooler.
  • Game Acceleration.
  • Clipboard cleaner.
  • Safe browsing.
  • Remove apps we don't use.

This app can be really useful if we want to improve the way our Android device works and get the best out of it. It does not work miracles, but pure purification is always welcome.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.4.
  • Offer purchase in-app.

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