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Playrix Games
7.6.0 voor Android
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jun 26, 2020

Township is a great casual game on mobile. In this game, you become a talented mayor. Your job is to build the city so that you can make a profit from the plants and goods you sell. With lots of amazing features, simple but addictive gameplay, Township on Android and iOS is always up to date for casual gamers.

About the game

Do what you want in the Township. Without rules, there are no special requirements during the game. However, to create a busy city, you need to use a smart and creative strategy. The opening of a train station, zoo, and harbor is also required to attract more visitors. In this article, you will learn about gameplay and Township features, how to fully download and install Township Mod APK. You can easily install it in just a few steps.

Features Of The Township Mod Apk:

  • Each player gets bored playing again and again in the same game. In the end, it will find an alternative. The manufacturers were fully aware of this fact and made sure that the user had everything to keep. The game has many cool buildings that users can use to equip their city so you can give your city a personal touch.
  • The game offers the user another level of fun and excitement with which the user can play the game with his friends. This is what sets the Township game apart from others because it allows the user to play the game and have fun with his Facebook friends and Google+ friends. You can compete with them or create clans where you can use each other’s resources to help each other in difficult times.
  • The game allows you to run agricultural activities where you will own a farm and grow a large number of plants that can then be sent to a factory for processing so you can trade coins later. There is also an option that allows you to buy more land and expand your farm. Agriculture has become the top-selling activity that you can use to modernize your city.
  • One of the most amazing features of the game is the zoo because J ly ultimately doesn’t love animals. You can take care of your animals and even breed them to get different exotic animals. A zoo with each species will attract a lot of people, which will ultimately generate more revenue for your city.
  • n To make the gameplay more interesting and realistic, the manufacturers introduced the concept of real flags and landmarks. This means that the player can buy all the famous flags and places like the Statue Li F Liberty or the store for a fee from Big Ben. And decorate your whole city with it. With everything that is popular in your city, you will attract many more tourists, resulting in more money for users.
  • The city also has a mine that allows users to create some ancient artifacts that will be included in your collection. There is also an opportunity to communicate with people in the city and you can follow their commands, which makes them happy. The main goal of the game is to create a city where everyone is very happy.

Reviews and ratings of the Township Mod Apk are the real jus chit for their popularity. But if you’re not sure yet, you should definitely talk to the next part about the additional benefits of the Township Mod Apk.

What’s More In The Township Mod Apk?

The Township mod Apk offers the added benefit of receiving unlimited money to ensure the user can purchase the best devices and products from the start of the game. The user can make any purchase without worrying about the price. This ensures that the user spends the best so that maximum user satisfaction is achieved.

Build your dream town

In addition to Hey Day, the municipality is also a very popular city management game on Google Play with over a million downloads. The very first day you enter the city, you will be taught basic tasks like growing rice or feeding a cow. Your plants will grow and pass a certain time. You can harvest them and sell them for money. They will continue to produce agricultural products in this way and build a large farm from them.

After each harvest, you gain experience at U-level and then unlock new crops and livestock. You can sell agricultural products that have been harvested for money. There is also a more effective way to make a factory, for example, to make bread for sale with higher profits.

If you are an animal lover, this game is paradise. The Township is full of beautiful animals that you can feed on your farm. You can choose animals for eggs such as chickens, goats, etc. Dogs and cats like cows, goats, or pets. If you raise animals, you need to take care of them and feed them regularly, otherwise, they will get sick and possibly die.

Upgrade the warehouse

For large farms, it is extremely important to build a warehouse to store agricultural products. The Township initially offers you a warehouse that doesn’t offer much space. So you need to upgrade, but if the content isn’t easy to find, it’s not really easy. To improve the warehouse, there will be a random reduction in the harvest, production, and production of raw materials. Therefore, the construction of a camp is sometimes based on luck. This game allows you to share content with other players. So I recommend actively interacting with your friends to get the content you want.

Decorate the city

You have not only a farm manager but also a town of the Township. So your job is to manage, build, and develop this city. You need to take care of the happiness of the citizens so that your city grows with the growing population.

You can help make people happy by creating entertainment like a zoo, restaurant, cinema, museum, etc. You can also decorate your city with works like Big Ben Clock, Eiffel Tower, Statue, big cities around the world. Liberty, ... I know all players want their city to be more beautiful, but in order not to go bankrupt, you should first focus on developing the fields instead of buying decorations.


The two types of Township money are gold and dollars. Gold is most commonly used in sports and you earn by producing and selling your products. Or you can earn the right amount of gold by inventing the game. Gold helps you buy different types of plants or build new buildings. Dollars are mainly used to speed up production or to purchase special equipment. Harvest time in the game is very fast and only takes a few minutes. Production and construction take about 15 minutes to 1 hour. If you do not want to wait, you can use the done immediately.

Beautiful graphics

Your city is beautifully presented with 3D graphics and bright colors. The graphics of the Township are very beautiful and friendly to the player and express a sense of closeness and peace. If you like farm games, this game brings you very funny moments with a comfortable experience.


Township is a simple game, but it's addictive and will take hours to find your way around town. Following the manufacturer's new update, many features, factories, and buildings have been added to give players fun gaming experience. To create a prosperous and happy city, you need to use the most effective strategies for farming and animal husbandry. You should manage your tasks to save time. You also need to help your friends build a strong community. Township is an independent game. However, you can choose a shopping solution in the app to make the city faster. Everything is easier if you use the mode we provide. So you can buy everything for free. If you have any questions about the game, please comment them below.

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