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With this simulator, you decide how to play
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应用, Simulators
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Garusoft Development Inc.
1.032.60 对于Android
1月 16, 2020

Sakura School Simulator is a very crazy simulation game with a slightly sloppy design but with endless activities. In this game, you decide how to play

With this simulator, you decide how to play

Once you create your character avatar Sakura School simulator in the world. Now ask yourself, do you feel like doing? You can become friends, meets the city or even crazy Yakuza office and enjoy a quiet life in school violence as weapons were stolen explore.

Of course, crazy Sakura City dies, no. When someone is not more than, more often injured, they blackout and looking for revenge woke up the next day.

Make your favorite way to run a search for it in some situations.

If you want to do today?

Attack, jump, fly with a jet pack to others, and even the discussion: they have to communicate with as many as possible for the rest of the action of the characters and the environment. Depending on your character, you can choose from several options to negotiate. Your character), people can participate with animals, even homes (including visiting, apply shopping, you can go to a wedding cathedral, find other cars, change clothes, go to the bathroom, buy various products ... works We can practically everything for next we want.

The good thing about this game is that there are many game modes and options that it offers. The worst thing a little dated interface and all of the ads that we must swallow. In addition, graphics, although they make a big effort they are not in order.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum Requirements Operating System: Android 5.0.
  • Install a zip notification on Android APK
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