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Sep 16, 2023
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Explore Sephiroth's journey and relive the most memorable moments from Final Fantasy VII.

Play both classic and new stories within the FFVII universe in a retro-style look with modern, beautifully rendered graphics, all accessible from anywhere. In Solo or Co-op battle mode, customize each character with iconic gear and weapons to defeat powerful opponents.

About Final Fantasy Vii Ever Crisis:

A sort of remake of Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis, this game allows you to relive iconic moments from both the main plot and the various spin-offs of the game, such as "Crisis Core," "Before Crisis," and "The First Soldier." There are many similarities between this and Final Fantasy Record Keeper, except that it focuses exclusively on the franchise's seventh installment and has much better graphics.

Only the best moments will be remembered

A clear division exists between each part of Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis' development. In this way, the game showcases the best moments from the saga, such as the attack on the Midgar reactor, without focusing on the less memorable or tedious parts. Because you can relive scenes from both "Crisis Core" and "The First Soldiers," it's obvious that you'll be able to play characters beyond Cloud, including Zack and new characters like Glenn and Lucia, and play some of the most important moments in their respective stories.

Combat that is more dynamic

In Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis, the combat system is more fluid and dynamic than in the original Final Fantasy VII. Each second, Cloud, Barret, and other characters perform normal attacks automatically, while their energy bars recharge. It's important to use your energy points wisely when casting spells and using special abilities. When a character is injured, they can perform a Limit Attack.

A classic and a modern game

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis proudly keeps some of the elements that made the original so popular, such as the materials. Several of the most important gameplay elements remain the use of matter and summons, Limit Attacks, free exploration of settings, magic, and more. You'll also find new features, such as the ability to speed up battles or automate dialogue during certain parts of the game. As a result, you will be able to enjoy the best features of the original game along with some of the advantages of modern technology.

Cooperative combat

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis' cooperative battles are one of its most interesting features. You can face off against some of the game's toughest bosses by teaming up with two friends, each of whom controls their own character. In this way, each player can assume a specific role during battle: one will deal the most damage, another will absorb all attacks, and the third will heal.

The graphics are truly spectacular

It is a detail that will surely please fans of the original Final Fantasy VII that the visual style has been preserved, with more cartoonish characters during the narrative and more stylized characters during combat. PlayStation 1 models were discarded in favor of a redesign that could compete with other great PC and desktop console releases. In combat, the character models resemble those from PlayStation 5 or PC games.

It's interesting to think of Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis as a remake of a game that's already been remade. In spite of that, the second remake is much more faithful to the original. A prettier, more accessible version of what many consider to be one of the great RPGs is what Ever Crisis aims to offer rather than a brand new experience with surprising plot twists.

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