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Mar 12, 2024
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5.1 and up

In the year 2049, the earth's central government is controlled by an AI computer named Zero. To make life easier, Zero created self-driving cars, robot servants, and all the things that make life easier. Despite having everything, people missed making things by hand. It all started when a group of like-minded individuals got together and started restoring old vehicles. Since petroleum reserves were depleted decades ago, they came up with the idea of making fuel from rice. The Rice Burner was later given the name for these vehicles.

Immersive gameplay

The game has an engaging narrative and an immersive gameplay experience. The game challenges you to use your ingenuity to make rice burners from scratch. Engineer stronger engines and ensure that they can win races by reengineering dead ones.

Your first wrecked cars will be in the beginning. Therefore, you need to be creative in finding parts and components to repair them.

You will have access to a garage filled with spare parts to facilitate repairs. Nevertheless, it is a long process, and you may become tired.

There is a solution to this problem, fortunately. Mini-games like racing or poker can earn you fast cash. You can buy all the components you need to restore your vehicles faster with this money.

You can earn more points by completing many challenges. Your friends can also help you complete difficult missions. With its multiplayer option, you can race or perform other tasks faster with your friends.

The engine is built piece by piece

The Rice Burner is a unique combination of creativity and skill. Therefore, you must outwit your competitors.

You need the best engine pieces to win races. Parts such as pistons, igniters, and tank parts will help you build a functional engine step-by-step.

A powerful engine will allow you to win races with ease. Consequently, it's important to know how to accessorize your vehicles.

Visually stunning and engaging challenges

Rice Burner's stunning visuals will keep you motivated while you play. Customize your car with fun customization features.

You'll get the best performance from rice burners. Additionally, you can enhance racing challenges with unique tunes that will keep you entertained.

Take on breath-taking racing challenges

A thrilling racing challenge will keep you glued to your phone throughout the game. The first few races are hard to win. As you progress in levels and earn experience points, proximity boosters will give you an advantage over others as you gain more experience points.

Therefore, you can easily outpace your competitors and win. Upgrade your engine pieces with the latest parts to help you compete better.

Boosting, drifting, and using special skills can also help you win races.

Options for high-level customization

It features high-level customization options that allow you to design your vehicle. Among these are the body color, roof design, spoiler type, and other accessories that make racing more exciting.

Features of the game:

  • Engine building and engine swapping
  • Make sure your vehicles are donked
  • The sport of street racing
  • Customized body parts, conversion of headlights
  • Tires and rims that are customized


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