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App By:
Rollic Games
2.3.6 For Android
Updated On:
Dec 29, 2023
284 MB
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The game consists of shooting obstacles and doors, collecting chargers, upgrading your gun, and evolving.

This game requires you to navigate through various levels while shooting obstacles and doors. In the game, you will encounter various chargers that need to be collected. A charger serves as a power source for your gun.

To upgrade your gun, you will need to collect specific items or complete certain challenges. The result of this will be an enhanced gun's performance as well as the unlocking of new features and capabilities. The more you upgrade your gun, the more powerful and effective it becomes.

Aside from shooting the obstacles and doors, you must also evolve your character. You can do this by leveling up your character or by acquiring special items. Your character will gain new abilities and become stronger with each evolution.

There is a combination of shooting skills, agility, and strategic thinking required in this game. The levels can be progressed through by shooting obstacles, collecting chargers, and upgrading your gun. Get ready for a thrilling adventure and shoot your way to victory!

A game's play

A randomly generated world filled with enemies and obstacles awaits players at the start of the game. This game requires you to run through the world, gather resources, and craft weapons along the way. In this game, players have the option of choosing their own path through the map, making strategic decisions, and avoiding hazards and traps.

Weapon Crafting

A key feature of Weapon Craft Run APK is its extensive weapon crafting system. To craft different weapons, players have access to a wide variety of materials, including wood, metal, and gems. The unique abilities and attributes of each weapon make it possible for players to customize their loadout to match their playstyle.

The skill tree

The game also features a skill tree where players can unlock and upgrade different skills. In addition to giving players power-ups, these skills can also provide them with advantages such as increased speed, better weapon damage, or the ability to dodge enemy attacks. Players can level up their skills by investing skill points strategically.

The various modes

The Weapon Craft Run APK offers players a variety of game modes in addition to the main campaign. There is survival mode, where players defend themselves against waves of enemies, as well as arena mode, where players battle against other players in intense multiplayer battles.

The graphics and sound

Featuring impressive 3D graphics and smooth animations, the game provides a stunning visual experience. Aside from the vivid sound effects and music, the game also has an immersive atmosphere.

How to Download Weapon Craft Run APK?

  • Click on the download button to get "Weapon Craft Run APK".
  • Click on Install Download File after downloading the file.
  • Complete the installation process by opening the Installer.
  • Allow "Unknown Source" in the settings.
  • Let it complete the installation on your smartphone.
  • Get Free Unlimited Everything with the Weapon Craft Run APK.


The Weapon Craft Run APK provides a thrilling platforming and weapon-crafting experience. Running, jumping, and dodging obstacles are all part of the game while gathering resources to craft powerful weapons. It has stunning graphics and addictive gameplay, making Weapon Craft Run APK a must-try for action fans.

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