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Stefano YG
9.65 For Android
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juin 02, 2023
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The MB WhatsApp app is a modified version of Facebook's original WhatsApp app. Users can modify their communication on the platform with this APK by adding above-average privacy and messaging options.

In other words, whatever unique features and settings exist on the original WhatsApp application, MBWhatsApp aims to improve them and add additional options that provide desirable functionality to the user.

As an added benefit, users do not have to uninstall the original WhatsApp application when installing the MBWhatsApp mod APK. Using this modified version alongside the official Fouad iOS app, you can run two accounts simultaneously.


An auto-reply

A feature of the app allows you to compose an automated message and select the time at which it will be sent. When anyone contacts you, they'll automatically receive a message. It's like a text voicemail from WhatsApp.

An in-built locker

The built-in locker lets you protect your private chat photos, messages, and other personal data from prying eyes. Downloading a locker from a third party is optional. For unlocking the application, you need to set a password, a PIN, or your fingerprint. The entire app or just a specific chat screen can also be locked.

Having two accounts

There is an option to work with an existing account in the app. You can uninstall your Whatsapp account if you wish. Using the app, you can create an account and switch between accounts at any time.

Status save

It's not necessary to ask your friends for status updates or download status updates. It's not just that you can save the caption that appears under status in WhatsApp's latest version. The status can also be saved using AG Whatsapp.

Connect with your last seen and freeze it 

It is possible to remain in a ghosting state if you do not wish to share your last image with your friends. You can hide your last-viewed items in the app's settings, and then block your last move exactly when you want. If you wish to disable it, you can do so at any time.

Make copies of picture captions

The default application prevented you from copying the caption of a photo sent by another user. This application allows you to copy and paste text underneath an image.

An iOS theme

For iOS, the app comes with default themes. Emojis are also available on iOS. You do not have to use this theme in order to use the app. There are also a variety of other themes available. There are different types of themes, depending on what you prefer.

Turn off recording and typing

By using this app, the person sitting on the other side of the chat won't be able to see what you are typing or recording next time you record a message. It is possible to block them by changing the settings.

The unsaved number for the message

This application eliminates the hassle of having to save a phone number before you can send a message. The number to which you want to text can be inputted and the message can be sent directly to the recipient without saving his number.

The largest share

Here's your chance to free yourself from restrictions on sending media files. All your friends can view 90 images and listen to 50 MB of audio at the moment.

How to Download Mb Whatsapp 9.65 APK ?

  1. Click on the download button to get "Mb Whatsapp 9.65 APK".
  2. Click on Install Download File after downloading the file.
  3. Complete the installation process by opening the Installer.
  4. Allow "Unknown Source" in the settings.
  5. Let it complete the installation on your smartphone.
  6. Get Free Unlimited Everything with the Mb Whatsapp 9.65 APK .

What Are The Benefits & Negatives Of Downloading Mb Whatsapp 9.65 APK Directly?


  • A third-party website allows you to download any version of the app directly. It may be possible to download the app you need from their app archives.
  • The download process is instant, unlike the play store, so you won't have to wait for verification, etc.
  • After downloading the APK file, it will be stored in your memory card/system memory. The software can therefore be uninstalled and reinstalled as many times as necessary without having to download.


  • Google usually does not verify apps downloaded from third-party sources. Consequently, your phone could be at risk.
  • The Apk files you download may contain viruses that corrupt your phone or steal your data.
  • The Google Play Store does not have access to your apps, so they won't be automatically updated.


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